Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"Hidden Valley Rain" Near Warm Springs Virginia

It indeed rained every day I was in this area but I snuck a couple of paintings in by setting up under a tree. The trip was to deliver paintings to my new gallery but hoping to paint the perfection of budded trees, Southern Magnolia, red bud and honey suckle, I tromped around every day. Photos will do, along with sketches back in the studio, to paint this lovely area in the Allegheny Mountains.

Warm Springs Gallery

The season is on and it's a juggle to get the business stuff tucked in between the painting work, there will be more posting now – the weather is on and the several painting trips will make for a painting intensive.

Here's my Mea Culpa for not publishing more frequently:
Included in the following shows:
•Emerald Spring Juried Exhibition at Emerald Art Center, Springfield, OR
•International Association of Pastel Societies Juried Exhibit at Ventana Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
•Pastel Painters of Maine Juried Exhibition at the Saco Art Museum, Saco, ME
•2009 National Juried Exhibition at Long Island Beach Foundation, Loveladies, NJ


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  2. OMG, Sandy, this is a beauty! You totally captured the sense of atmosphere and way spring flowering trees glow on stormy days. Gorgeous!

    So when are you going to join Facebook? All us artists are having a blast in here. Like a giant party with the friends you've always wanted to meet!

    Love you,

  3. Wow! Thanks Jennifer for seeing all this, it was a challenge for me to post this painting since the thing didn't "make pretty" but I did like some of those qualities.

    (Editor note: there were two almost identical posts so I left only the one that was most complete.)

    I posted a comment about Facebook to your blog, lotta hesitations about ownership issues, who owns postings/images and the fine print says Facebook does. Time is also an issue, but, I'll give it another look, artist friends? I wanna go to the party!


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