Sunday, June 07, 2009

A few minutes to tune these up and they may work nicely, though standardizing is still only partially settled – the long lovely format is too much fun and a great challenge to compose with. The 9x12s are working, but many other formats are way too ordinary for my tastes at the moment.

Here are a few pieces from the last week or so...

"Peony Pop", Cooley Gardens in peak peony form. This is 4x18 and will go into the exhibition for the July 11 sale and auction. I'm heading out again in a moment to paint there now, rain likely later so one moves with the weather and bloom.

First things first; posting from on location is proving to be difficult. A week in Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore we stayed at cottages without wireless and so, the focus remained on painting rather than blogging. All well and good since the body of work now has another boatload of plein air and a new subject. 

"Peterson Road Lakeshore", nice little 9x12 done one chilly morning before the tourist season hit. Though painting among the crowds is part of the training for the upcoming Door Competition (see the right sidebar or prior posts.)
"Overshadowed", Betsey Bay Lighthouse Nature Conservancy property, lovely dunes that were saved before much impact had occurred to their natural order. Another 12x9 with gouache ... a couple of falls into the sand and I have enough debris in the gouache palette for another year!

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