Saturday, July 18, 2009

"Baileys Harbor"

... and a detail.
Initially I was attracted to the clouds, but in the end focused lower down and let the clouds play a small role.

I'm here in Door a few days before the Plein Air Competition and have done a bit of scouting yesterday and today. There are so many beautiful locations here, lots of nature and big trees, but also lovely old buildings like the one that was a stage coach stop, ancient trucks, cranes and excavation equipment.

Stamping and registration begin tomorrow, time in the a.m. to evaluate another site. Problem is that the forecast changed radically this morning to nearly every day of the competition having a medium chance of rain. Weather is quite variable, so much for my hoping to plan out where and what and when I'm painting to make it easier.

The last two days I've hiked a good amount, but I think I'll end up painting near the car in most locations. My main concern is about rain scheduled for Saturday when the Quick Paint takes place.

Here's some of the sketches, orchards, water, buildings that could be interesting for Saturday, thumbnails all, but I cranked out a bunch.

Painting for the competition tomorrow, begins after stamping, noon to five.


  1. Good Luck ! Can't wait to hear the results - it is beautiful. It is nice that you've shared your sketches.


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