Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"Reclamation Pond, Dusk" Detail 6x18 inches, pastel and gouache on sandpaper.

This detail is one of several underpaintings I set myself up with to work on later. The goal is to set down the initial structure and go back, speed and decisiveness practice. This was painted last week, about Aug 17.


  1. awesome - I want to make sure I am understanding, you do backgrounds or washes of color to have on hand - then take them on location to put it all together? Is the sandpaper - actual sandpaper or is their an artpaper that is called that? Rookie questions but I've got to ask.

  2. This is on site "sketch", my usual start but I chose to not complete at that time but wanted to experiment with capturing three time periods=three paintings with a plan to go back and complete them at those times ... experiment. The sand paper is from Kitty Wallis, but caveat emptor, it's a different formulation than what is current.


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